What is new in Sage 300 2021 – PU 1 (Product Update 1)

What is new in Sage 300 2021 – PU 1 (Product Update 1)

The newly released product update 1 is the first in series of updates for Sage 300 version 2021. This update addresses issues in three areas

  • General Improvements
  • Web Screen Improvements
  • Desktop Improvements

General Improvements

Improvements have been made related to 1099 forms. Here are a few changes with 1099 forms:

  • The non-employee compensation is now reported in box 1 on the new 1099-NEC form instead of box 7 in the 1099-Misc form.
  • Along with changes to non-employee compensation reporting, 1099 CPRS codes have been improved. You can now associate the existing 1099/CPRS types by specifying a tax reporting type and an amount type in the CPRS codes configuration form. The CPRS codes no longer correspond to specific box numbers on forms.

Webscreen Improvements

Along with improvements in 1099 forms, the web screen data integrity checking has been improved for some third party products.

Desktop Improvements

As part of desktop improvements, there are two major changes. Both of these changes address the dependency of visual process flow diagrams on Adobe Flash. (As some of you may know, Adobe Flash will no longer be supported after December 2020. If you want to catch up about Adobe Flash retirement, we addressed this issue in one of our technology blogs that you can read here.)

  • The first change is the removal of Adobe Flash as the rendering medium for visual process diagrams. The process flow UI no longer uses Adobe Flash. With the new UI, your existing standard and custom process flows will be visible.
  • The second change is the temporary inability to change existing custom visual processes or create new custom processes. Sage plans to restore this ability in a future update. This is limitation is quite important if you frequently change visual processes.

To recap, Sage 300 2021 PU1 – Product Update 1 addresses some key issues. As with any Sage 300 product updates, make sure you follow the correct upgrade procedures for trouble free upgrade.

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