Poly X Studio Meeting Room Product Review

Poly X Studio Meeting Room Product Review

Are you looking for a conference or meeting room solution that works seamlessly with your UCaaS solution? Poly has an excellent line up of conference room products that can work with your communications platform. The products come with built-in platform support for multiple UCaaS platforms including:

  • Microsoft Teams Room
  • Zoom Room
  • BlueJeans
  • DialPad
  • GoToRoom
  • RingCentral
  • StarLeaf
  • Poly Video App

In this article we will review the Poly X 30 meeting room solution and highlight some of the excellent features of this product.

The X30 is part of the Poly X family of conference room solutions that includes the X30 and X50. The Poly Studio X family lineup is a well-designed meeting room solution that fixes the problems that traditional conference room solutions run into.

Typically, meeting or conference room solution setup requires users to connect physically with the hardware or use dongles or custom software or device drivers to communicate via blue tooth with the hardware. Not with the Studio X series.

The Poly X family is dramatically different from those legacy solutions and making life much easier by combining best of audio, video, platform and communication technologies. Here is how they do it:


The Poly X family comes with a default wide angle 121-degree camera with up to 4K resolution capture. What takes the cake is the group and presenter framing that is fast and responsive to follow along and focus on participants as needed.


Along with excellent video, there are 4 microphones in the studio bar that do an excellent job of capturing audio. The X 30 has a range of 15 feet while the X50 has a range of 25 feet. The distance is ample for most small to medium-sized conference rooms. Not only does the range and fidelity work well, the X family comes with acoustic fencing so you can keep unwanted audio out of your meetings.

Content Sharing:

The content sharing options for the X family can be done in various ways. This includes

  • A USB C adapter to use the camera, speaker and microphone as part of your device in any meeting platform
  • Bluetooth connectivity to connect directly to the device.
  • Using a Android or Windows based paired device to allow for a computer free connectivity
  • Native apps for various popular meeting platforms including Teams and Zoom.
  • Air Play
  • MiraCast

The solution can function as a presentation platform for internal meetings or a meeting room platform for Teams, Zoom Room etc.

What is great about the platform is that it supports two displays out of the box allowing for content on one display and meeting attendees on another.

When combined with a paired device, the meeting room can be used to join pre-schedule meetings or launch impromptu meetings using the Meet Now type options on various meeting platforms.

Paired Devices:

The Studio X solution comes with paired devices that are windows or android based platforms that work with the X30 and allow users to control various functions such as:

  • Meet Now or Join a Meeting
  • Add meeting attendees using address books
  • Control the display zoom
  • Control volume levels
  • Disconnect from meetings
  • Turn on or off various video and audio functions such as presenter follow.

With a paired device, meetings can be started without the need of a computer or laptop.


The biggest differentiating factor in our opinion is the support for various meeting platforms by implementing the native app. If your organization uses Microsoft Teams or Zoom for meetings, adding a meeting room capability allows you to meeting seamlessly. This one feature alone can set this platform apart from most competitors.

In summary, conference rooms have come a long way from the old plug in the HDMI and hope the dongle works type of solutions and if you are looking to make your meetings frustration free, you can request a demo from us.




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