Security & Compliance

Assessment | Posturing | Securing | Monitoring
End-Point Security

We provide end-point security solutions to secure desktop, laptop & BYOD devices.

Network Security

We provide network & infrastructure security services to protect your environment from the perimeter in.

Application Security

We can perform white box & black box testing of applications to detect vulnerabilities.

E-Mail Security

We provide secure & compliant e-mail configuration services to help reduce your exposure to e-mail borne attack vectors.


Need a partner to guide you through today's security challenges?

We have helped clients define & achieve their desired security posture.

All businesses are vulnerable to security issues today but some more than others have special needs. We focus on helping clients achieve their desired security goals to reduce risk and gain compliance.


Securing Data & Assets

Security today has to be multi-pronged & faceted to protect data & assets.

Protecting your data from internal, external, accidental or purposeful exposure is quite challenging. We have assisted clients in identifying sensitive data & created protection mechanisms to prevent exposure.


Customized Approach

Our approach to security is guided by both compliance needs & organizational culture.

Gaining compliance requires implementing minimum required protection. Our approach to security goes further, we spend time understanding your culture to go beyond required compliance to mitigate risks.


We are here to support you

The ever changing world of security requires a knowledgeable partner

Our experience in various industries allows us to apply our experience to your environment. A tailored approach specific to your needs that mitigates your actual risks and not just meet bare minimum.

Recent Security Case Studies

Read our recent case studies & experiences in security to see what we have done for other clients or what security exposures your peers may be facing.

Ready to start the conversation about security & compliance? Don’t wait until a security incident has already occurred.

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