Software Engineering

Applications | Integration | Automation | Hosting Solutions
Industries Served

We have successfully executed projects in various industries leading us to bring vast domain expertise to the table.

Real Estate
Legal Services
Business Areas

We have experience in all areas of business operations. From Marketing & Sales to Accounting, we have implemented various projects using appropriate technologies.

Business Productivity

We support multiple business productivity products and can implement, customize or integrate them.

Office 365 (Sharepoint, Power Apps, Power BI)

CRM Systems (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, FreshSales)

Power Apps & Power BI



We are experienced in various small & mid-market accounting & ERP systems and can assist in implementation, customization or integration efforts.

QuickBooks Online & On Premise

QuickBooks Online & On Premise


Sage (Multiple Product Lines)


We work with numerous industry specific line of business applications and can provide triage, customization or green field development services.

LOB applications (matter management, field services, point of sale e.t.c)

Paperless Office Systems

Workflow Enabled Systems (BPM, QMS etc)

Bespoke Solutions


We have experience implementing marketing & sales organization systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for small to large teams.


Microsoft Dynamics 365


CRM Systems (HubSpot, FreshSales, Insightly e.t.c)

Integration & Automation

We implement various types of integration & automation processes between systems to improve quality, efficiency while reducing cost.

Business To Business Systems

Inter & Intra System Integration

Client & Vendor Scenarios

On Premise - Cloud


We understand the unique needs to service oriented organizations and can implement service cloud applications that result in reduced cycle times, reduced operator engagement and increased user satisfaction.

Service Cloud (Salesforce, ManageEngine, ServiceNow e.t.c)

Self Service Automation (Chat Bots, Self-service portals e.t.c)

Service Cloud Integration & Optimization

Technologies Supported

Our tools, skill set & technology experience

We have a deep bench and extensive skill set in multiple generations of programming languages that runs the gamut. Below is a short list of languages we support

Web Application Development (ASP.Net, JSP, PHP e.t.c)

Cloud Native Applications (Apex, Deluge e.t.c)

Client Side Frameworks (Angular JS, JQuery e.t.c)

Application Development (C#, Java, Node.js e.t.c)

We have expertise in both SQL based relational & file based non-relational databases. Our database platforms expertise ranges from embedded to cloud hosted databases with experience in off-line database applications to multi-tenant, vertical and horizontally shard cloud based applications.

MS SQL (On Premise & Cloud)

Mongo DB (On Premise & Cloud)

SQL Express (On Premise & Cloud)

We build applications for a multitude of platforms from embedded to cloud hosted and everything in between.

Embedded Devices

Microsoft HoloLens

Cloud Platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP)

On Premise (Windows Native, IIS e.t.c)

Learn how we can assist you in engineering your business operations to work efficiently.