Case Study: Visual One To Oracle Opera PMS Data Migration

Case Study: Visual One To Oracle Opera PMS Data Migration

The Project

One of our partners reached out to us recently about a project that they needed assistance with. Client is a hotel property operator and uses on-premise version of Visual One from Agilysys, Inc. and is looking to migrate to Oracle Opera as their PMS.

At Klio Systems, Inc. we have extensive experience with migration projects. This migration, followed a standard process that we have developed for such projects. In our experience, standardizing projects leads to predictable outcomes.

We started with getting together with all stake holders; end client, sales manager at the property, representatives from Oracle responsible for system configuration. We mapped out all the steps that needed to be undertaken. In this situation. We prepared a project plan with below milestones.

Planning The Migration

  1. Identify all features in Visual One currently under use.
  2. Identify all the data areas that need to be migrated.
  3. Prepare a migration plan
  4. Assimilate a data dictionary and mapping sheets to map data from Visual One to Oracle
  5. Identify all mandatory fields and desirable fields
  6. Complete the mapping and get customer sign off about source and destination data
  7. Prepare data extraction queries and clean up scripts
  8. Prepare and run a trial migration
  9. Work with client to identify corrections and additions
  10. Prepare for final migration and cut off
  11. Perform the final migration and test destination system
  12. Close and sign off on project

Extracting Data From Visual One

Extracting data from Visual One required specialist knowledge of both the database structure and data location within the PMS database. Our engineers worked with the client’s IT team to gain access to a test environment and used advanced querying and tracing capabilities to identify and extract all required fields. The data extracted needed to be in a specific format as required by Oracle Opera project to conform with data ingestion definition.

Importing Data Into Oracle Opera

Importing data into Oracle Opera required specific knowledge of not just the fields but also the process and relationships between different data sources to ensure that correct data was imported. This was an especially sensitive part of the project as the Oracle Opera system does not allow adjust of imported data. The data import process had to be accurate as there is no redo with Oracle Opera imports. The platform is multi-tenant Software as Service and does not allow bulk editing or reset of the tenancy.

The Result

After thorough review, trail run in a testing environment, the migration was completed to client satisfaction. If you are looking for help migrating data out of Visual One, into Oracle Opera or general data migration between systems, we have the experience and team to assist you on your journey. Reach us at Contact Us today for a no obligation discovery call.

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