Slate / CAMS Integration Case Study

Slate / CAMS Integration Case Study

Why Integrate?

Educational institutions today are faced with a significant challenge – software systems from different vendors such as Slate, CAMS that specializes in individual areas of student management don’t not talk to each other. This leads to educational institutions resorting to manual data entry processes to keep all systems in sync with each other.

The result of these different, disconnected systems is data pervasion, inconsistencies and time consuming and labor intensive manual data entry processes. Various departments struggle to keep up with the data. This leads to extensive data entry burden on already constrained departments while slowing down the process and leading to hit or miss results.

A Case Study – Slate / CAMS Data Integration

Undertaking an effort to integrate this data to ensure that all systems in sync is not a difficult or time consuming effort. With the right technology partner, data from an online application management system can be downloaded on a schedule or through data push to internal admissions and student management systems. Along with data, various documents can be automatically downloaded and added to other systems to keep the entire environment working in unison.

We recently undertook a project for a client that reduced the data entry process by almost 100% while ensuring that the entire process was visible to various internal departments. Such projects typically require an analysis of two key components of an educational institution’s software environment:
  1. Do the existing systems have provisions for API integration
  2. What business processes are followed by each department

Once we had analyzed both these aspects for this client, we were able to device a service that would periodically download information from the institution’s online application management system and enter this information into their student management system.

The data included the typical admission information:
  • Student Demographics
  • Application Details
  • School/College Credits
  • Scanned Documents
  • Interest Information

The integration process was also designed to follow various rules and decision making processes that an internal staff member would undertake. Based on these rules, additional, system specific information was added to not just keep the data in sync but also to reduce repetitive tasks that were being undertaken based on the data being synchronized.

The integration process would analyze scores, language proficiency and add additional holds or testing requirements to the admission management system. This reduced burden on staff allowing them more time to focus on value added work such as student counselling.

In Conclusion

Educational institutions can benefit by integrating their internal systems and automating business processes without losing control of data while reducing time and effort managing various systems. Would you like us to take a look at your systems to see if you can benefit from a custom built integration between Slate and your student management system? Contact Us today for a free assessment.

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