What is M365 Teams Essentials?

What is M365 Teams Essentials?

Read about the brand new Microsoft offering that combines the capabilities of Zoom, Slack & VOIP.

M365 Teams Essentials is a brand new offering by Microsoft to serve the needs of organizations that are happy with their current email solution (On-premise exchange or other mail server application) but would like to leverage the communication and collaboration capabilities that Microsoft Teams provides.

What does this mean? It means that you do not need to migrate your mail environment to M365 Teams Essentials. It is designed to work as a communication and collaboration platform and will deliver following services:

  • Internal & External Teams Chat
  • Calling/Microsoft Voice Calling
  • Microsoft Word/Excel Online
  • 10 GB of collaboration space for document retention.
  • Integration with on-premise mail environments.
  • Unlimited group meetings with duration upto 30 hours (read zoom meetings)
  • Meetings with upto 300 people
  • Outlook/Google calendar integration
  • Conference line capability

In summary, Microsoft has created a Slack+Zoom+Phone calling capabilities all in one package designed for small to medium sized businesses. The pricing starts at a very affordable 4$/user/month. Customer can also acquire M365 Business Voice plans to include VOIP features. If you would like to try m365 teams essentials contact us at support@kliosystems.com or call us at 1-872-895-7800

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