Microsoft Teams Phone System

Microsoft Teams Phone System

Did you know that Microsoft has an excellent phone system with a price that cannot be beat? Most businesses today use Microsoft Office suite for their business applications, Office 365 email. Let us introduce Microsoft Teams. Teams was originally designed to substitute Skype for Business. But with major focus on unified communications, Microsoft has done an excellent job of adding telephony to this platform.

What is Included?

So, as you would expect from the name, making and receiving phone calls to other teams users and phone numbers is included. But the platform is much more than what Skype for business provided. Its a complete unified communications platform. Below are some of the most used features that users request.

  1. Text chat with inter company/intra company contacts.
  2. chat based on groups/channels (Slack equivalent).
  3. Dial from workstations, physical teams enabled phone, mobile app or outlook.
  4. Auto-Attendant & Out of Office setup at user configuration level.
  5. Multiple Auto-Attendants
  6. Call Tree
  7. Hunt/Ring Groups
  8. Off Hour/Holiday Hours
  9. Voice Mail Transcription
  10. Abusive Language Prevention Features
  11. Common area phones (kitchens/conference rooms)
  12. Domestic/International Calling
  13. Group wise policies to control calling

What Is The Price?

Naturally, the question of cost arises. Costs fall in two categories; migration costs & license costs. Do not worry, Microsoft has you covered. If you already have an Office 365 plan, the price runs at 20$/month/user. What is interesting is that this price is inclusive of taxes. So, that is the price you pay. International calling is $12 additional.

Price is even cheaper for non-profits and runs at around 15$/user/month – all inclusive. So, the pricing is pretty simple and includes taxes which makes the price what you see – what you get.

Migration From Current System

Next, the migration costs and process is an important consideration. The platform design is intuitive to the point where a sophisticated user can manage the platform once migration is completed. What is important? You can retain your phone numbers. Microsoft allows partial/staged or complete phone number porting from your current VOIP or Phone system provider.

What is Next?

So, now that you know a little about Microsoft’s phone system, contact us to get a free trial. We can provide you with a Teams enabled phone, configure a number and setup the apps so you can experience the system yourself.

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