Copy Receiving Information Into Shipment Information

Copy Receiving Information Into Shipment Information

Do you use Sage 300 ERP for your accounting? Do you sell items and then drop ship them to your customers? Are you copying information from vendor receipts to Customer shipments? If you are looking to make the process of copying drop-ship information from receipts to shipment information easy, We can help.

When selling items that are drop-shipped by a vendor directly to a customer, a common problem that occurs when creating & sending shipment advise to customer is the need to manually copy information from vendor receipts to shipment information. If your customers place large orders, this can results in hours of tedious data entry.

Our Solution

We can customize your Sage installation to create a time saving custom function. Here it works:

  • Create one or more orders in order entry
  • Create your purchase orders from order entry
  • Receive your drop-ship information from vendor
  • Use our order entry screen customization to copy receipt information to order entry, quantities shipped
  • Create your shipment & invoice

The end result is a tremendous time saving by allowing copy of receipt information to order entry shipment information.

Talk to us today about this or any other Sage 300 customization that you would like to implement to tailor the system to your exact needs. Such projects are high ROI projects resulting in time-saving process shortcuts that result in better staff utilization.

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