Sage 300 Shopify Integration

Sage 300 Shopify Integration

Do you use Sage 300 ERP for your accounting? Do you enable e-commerce sales in your organization? Selling online using an e-commerce platform such as Shopify has become essential for many businesses. If you are looking to connect your online store with your Sage 300 ERP platform, we can help.

Online sales requires high level of customer communication and automation. Our platform allows bi-directional communication between Sage 300 and Shopify resulting in the entire sales, fulfillment and invoice process to be seamless.

How Shopify Integration Can Help:

Whether you just drop-ship or maintain inventory, an online sales order needs to be processed much the same way as a direct order entered into your Sage 300 ERP system. With one major difference, you have to update the customer each step of the way to ensure that you meet their expectations. Our proprietary platform can help with all of the below challenges associated with selling online while using Sage 300 ERP:

  1. Enter sales orders into Sage 300 ERP originating from your e-commerce platform.
  2. Issue purchase orders to replenish inventory or drop-ship the order.
  3. Send fulfillment information back to Shopify to display correct status.
  4. Update Shopify with available inventory, price changes, promotions and costs for various items.
  5. Add new customers in Sage for customers registering online to purchase.

Our Solution

We have created a proprietary platform that ties directly into Sage 300 and allows you to communicate with your Shopify tenancy. Our solution makes this almost plug and play. If you are looking to integrate your Sage 300 environment with your Shopify store, talk to us today. We can help!

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